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Detoxify, Twist & Balance Intermediate Yoga Class 60 Minutes | Revolved Half Moon to Revolved Dancer

Hi Yogis!

This 60 minute class will feature intermediate balancing postures and twists. Balancing postures help with concentration and help to strengthen deep muscles that help with coordination, while twists help rejuvenate the spine, detoxify the organs, and help to stimulation circulation.

This class will be building towards our peak transition, Revolved Half Moon to Revolved Dancer’s pose. This transition combines the challenge of balancing with the detoxifying benefits of a twist. Revolved Dancer is also a standing backbend and a bind that helps to open the chest.

As always, you are welcome to stay in a pose and if you hit your edge you are always welcome to stay at a pose. If you fall out of it, get right back into it or take a quick break – remember that yoga is practice and everyday is different. Bring a smile to your face and let’s have some fun!

See you on the mat!

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