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Elephant Trunk Pose (Eka Hasta Bhujasana)

Elephant Trunk Pose is an advanced, asymmetric, arm-balancing posture that will help to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core muscles. It’s a variation of Shoulder Pressure Pose (Bhujapidasana) and it will help you build strength, flexibility, and balance.

💪🏽 Benefits:

  • Strengthens arms, shoulders, and abdominal muscles

  • Stretches hips and groin muscles


  • Wrist, shoulder, or hip injuries


  • Try lifting with the lower leg tucked in rather than extended out in front.

  • Place a block under your extended heel to help lift the leg.

  • Use two blocks under your hands to lift yourself higher off the ground. This also helps with taking pressure off of the wrists.

How to:

  • Warm-up wrists, hips, and shoulders

  • From a seated position, bend your knee and cradle leg into your chest to make a seated pigeon.

  • Rock your leg side to side to warm up your hip joint

  • Start to bring your leg behind your shoulder like putting on the strap of a backpack

  • Once your leg is on your shoulder, squeeze hamstrings to keep the leg in place

  • Place hands on the mat beside hips

  • Inhale, bring head slightly forward

  • Exhale, lift hips, and extended leg away from the mat. Point toes and engage core muscles.

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