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Elevate Your Yoga Practice

Welcome to a transformative journey where yoga meets your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you're seeking individual attention or looking to bring the benefits of yoga to your group or event, you've found your sanctuary.

Born and raised in California, Elisha found her calling in movement. Today she teaches yoga at offices, weddings, retreats, and special events around the world. Her life's mission is to help individuals and groups find balance, wellness, and connection through her classes.


Improve your personal practice or create an unforgettable event

With a passion for helping others discover the profound benefits of yoga, Elisha offers tailored sessions that cater to individual needs, lifestyles, and goals. With years of experience and a deep understanding of diverse yoga styles, brings a personalized touch to every class. Whether you're seeking personalized guidance in your practice or looking to add a unique dimension to your office, wedding, bachelorette party, retreat, or festival, I specialize in crafting tailored sessions. 

Yoga at Golden Gate Park
  • Elevate your own personal yoga journey with private sessions

  • Connect your group or team & foster unity and mindfulness.

  • From festivals, weddings, retreats, and everything else in-between.

Create unforgettable memories at your next event, or elevate your own personal practice.

Past Events


Gratitude & Movement Advocate


Elisha has been practicing yoga for almost 15 years. ​

She became fully dedicated to her yoga practice when she signed up for her first yoga teacher training and started a daily yoga practice. She has since then taken numerous hours of additional workshops and classes.

She is currently based in San Francisco and is available to teach private & corporate classes, weddings, and special events. 



“We loved the pre-wedding class so much, we booked another class for the day of the wedding.”


“Our team loves having yoga to start the day before meetings. It has made a big impact for our team's happiness.”


"Our guests could not stop talking about the yoga classes, even weeks after our event!" 


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