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Yoga at Golden Gate Park


Elevate your yoga journey with private sessions or add the tranquility of yoga to your special event by hiring a private instructor. Whether you're seeking personalized guidance in your practice or looking to add a unique experience to your wedding, bachelorette party, or corporate event, I specialize in crafting tailored sessions for all skills and abilities.

  • Elevate your own personal yoga journey with private sessions

  • Connect your group or team & foster unity and mindfulness.

  • From festivals, weddings, retreats, and everything else in-between.

What to Expect

An expertly crafted yoga session customized for your personal practice or private event.

Onboarding call to discuss your vision to ensure the session exceeds your expectations.

Yoga mats and props can be brought in upon request so you and your guests have one less thing to think about.

Extra benefits like eucalyptus spa towels and essential oil scents can be added to elevate the experience.

A curated playlist with your favorite songs can be prepared in advance to create your dream ambiance.
Don't have a preference? We'll create the playlist for you.

Past Events

"Elisha is a favored instructor with a great read of the room. She always packing surprises for students, from hot towels to aroma therapy, let alone the thorough stretches, you are in for a treat!"
Lauren's Wedding Yoga.png

Make your next event unforgettable

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